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I want to come in and see the stone.. but you have no store. 

The way we can pass on such good rates to customers is by eliminating the expensive rents most exclusive jewellers pay which then is added to your price. This is not such a foreign concept – blue nile operates in this fashion and are very successful – we wish them well.

How do I know I can trust you. 

This business is built on honesty, we value our karmic balance sheet and currently enjoy and love everything about our lives. For us to do wrong by you, would impact us. and we don’t really want to take that risk.. As we said earlier – we just want to make this a simple process. Tell us what you want, and we’ll try to make it happen for you as quickly, simply and cost effectively as possible.

 What if the ring doesn’t fit? 

Send it back, we’ll resize it for you. But please try to be a ninja and get the size right before asking for it to be made. For tips on how to be a good ninja, click here.

What if she doesn’t like it. get her to email us, and we’ll see if you should really marry her.. just kidding, shoot us an email or give us a call, we’ll work something out for you.

Let us do the hunting for you. We have access to a lot of stock and by listing it, we find it confuses the consumer. We don’t want to confuse you, if anything, we want this to be the easiest transaction possible – hence the name – insta-bling.

All our rings are hand made, nothing is precast. therefore it will take at least 7 days for you to have it. but at least your guarantee’d quality workmanship – nobody wants a ring that looks pretty but falls apart – and secondly – we don’t want to deal with returned rings or repairs – so we get it right the first time to last a lifetime.

We live and breathe diamonds, from the rarest, biggest ones to the cute little baby ones, they are all different and unique and have their own very special footprint.  We believe every stone has its perfect partner waiting to pick it up and take it on a life journey with them. Hopefully we can be the ones to connect you.

We know all our stones very well.. Each stone we have in stock has been hand chosen with a particular customer in mind when we sourced it. Some are for those who want the biggest, best-est (yes, it not a word in the dictionary) most expensive stone ever, some are for those who would like to give a diamond which looks like the biggest and bestest but don’t have the wallet to go with it, and some stones are for those customer’s who just want a damn good bargain..

We are not interested in trying to match others prices or be ‘better’ than the competitor, we are simply confident and we know our stock is amazing value for money. That’s why its easier to work the way we do.